The upstream provider is reporting all-clear, and we are seeing behavior that reflects that.

This issue has been resolved.

The upstream provider in question identified itself and is implementing a fix. We are observing VRChat CCU climb once again, and are also seeing other services come back online.

We will continue to observe.

We are observing a large drop in VRChat users online, however our internal services are operating as normal.

We're also observing other services experiencing issues, so our current assumption is that an upstream provider is having issues.

We will continue to monitor.

Server issues appear to have cleared up. We're continuing to observe and are investigating what caused the downtime.

We apologize for the issues, and thank you for your patience.

After implementing some mitigations, we're observing improved stability and are slowly bringing all functionality back online.

We're continuing to observe server state.

We are investigating reports that users are not able to log into VRChat, and already logged-in users are unable to change avatars or switch worlds.

We're aware of and are working on server issues that are affecting various functions of the VRChat application, including logging in. The issues will be resolved as soon as possible and we'll update when we have more info for you. Thanks!

The work-around has been implemented and VRChat services are returning to their normal state. We are continuing to observe, but players should be able to log in now.

Problems at an upstream provider are resulting in degraded VRChat services. We are currently implementing a work-around.

Thank you for your patience.

The issue has been corrected and our services are in the process of recovering.

Our upstream providers appear to have resolved the issue, and VRChat should no longer be affected.

We are observing issues at an upstream provider that may cause problems for VRChat users. These issues will appear as timeouts and network connectivity issues.

We're investigating mitigations and monitoring the situation.

The issue at the upstream provider appears to have resolved, and we're no longer observing resultant VRChat issues.

All clear!

An upstream provider is experiencing performance issues that may cause users on the west coast of the United States to experience connection issues and problems downloading VRChat content. We'll continue to monitor and update you as the situation changes.

Our upstream provider recovered within a few minutes, as did our systems. This incident is now resolved.

We are investigating the cause of this issue to help mitigate further occurrences.

Stability of our search systems are being affected by problems at one of our upstream providers. This will impact systems such as world and user search, world rows, and social systems. We are investigating.

We are observing recovering services from our upstream provider. Any resulting VRChat issues should be resolved by now, but we will continue to observe.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Due to ongoing issues with various Amazon-related web services, VRChat may experience server issues. These issues may manifest in a variety of ways, mostly related to your social list, world list, downloading avatars/worlds, and more.

We're continuing to monitor.

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