Our upstream provider recovered within a few minutes, as did our systems. This incident is now resolved.

We are investigating the cause of this issue to help mitigate further occurrences.

Stability of our search systems are being affected by problems at one of our upstream providers. This will impact systems such as world and user search, world rows, and social systems. We are investigating.


We are observing recovering services from our upstream provider. Any resulting VRChat issues should be resolved by now, but we will continue to observe.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Due to ongoing issues with various Amazon-related web services, VRChat may experience server issues. These issues may manifest in a variety of ways, mostly related to your social list, world list, downloading avatars/worlds, and more.

We're continuing to monitor.

VRChat will be undergoing maintenance between 2AM and 6AM PT (1000 to 1400 UTC, 7:00PM to 11:00PM JST).

During this time, all regions except US East will have maintenance. Users may disconnect once or twice if they are on an affected region, but the regions will otherwise be OK.

Our monitoring indicates the attacks have subsided. We are continuing to observe for further issues.

The latest status will always be available at t.co/gyG9wp9Iv6

VRChat is experiencing instability due to an upstream provider enduring a DDoS attack. This may affect one or more regions and may result in sudden disconnects or inability to connect to VRChat services.

You can check the latest status, as always, at t.co/gyG9wp9Iv6


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